Both our Beacon Club and Space Age Connections have been extremely successful and both have long waiting lists to take part. Here are some of the reasons why:

Feedback for Space Age Connections:

‘Mum is so relaxed when she is with you. She said when she’s with you that she forgets she has a condition and you have a lovely friendship. This means so much to us as a family, thank you’.Family member to our Space Age Connections Volunteer

‘Thank you again for supporting Dad and ourselves. He really enjoys his visits; there is a real spark in him with these new outlets, which is great and very much appreciated’. Family member to our Space Age Connections Volunteer

‘Our family are very thankful for the support and friendship you are kindly giving’. Family member to our Space Age Connections Volunteer

‘I’ve only known my Buddy a few months and I just love going to visit her, she has a great sense of humour and we have a great giggle. Monday mornings with her are the best way to start the week! I want to thank you and her for allowing this all to happen’ – Space Age Connections Volunteer

‘The visits have been really positive for me. Knowing I visit my Buddy at a certain time gives me the drive to get up and get going for the day. The routine really sets me up positively for the day and week ahead’. Space Age Connections Volunteer

Feedback for Beacon Club:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day, I love coming in to your beautiful smile. The Easter egg is so thoughtful, thank you” – John, Beacon Club Member

“Today has been so good, the singer was amazing, and the tables looked lovely” – Ella, Beacon Club Member

“Wow look at how beautiful the tables look, I can’t believe you have done all this for us, you all work so hard” – Kate, Beacon Club Member

“I have had such a good time today; I loved the singer. I wish every day was like this” – Glenda, Beacon Club Member

“Today has been the best day I have had in ages, the singer was amazing her voice was beautiful” – Irene, Beacon Club Member

“I’ve been so excited waiting for the doorbell to go, I love coming to the club. You are all so friendly to me and I always have fun” –Audrey, Beacon Club Member

” I am so happy to be back at the club, I have missed it. I have just been on my own in the flat unwell and this is the first time I have been out, I can’t wait to see everyone” – Cathy, Beacon Club Member

“I love coming to the club. I always have my bath on the Wednesday night and get my clothes picked out for the club on Thursday. Its great coming into see everyone” – Betty, Beacon Club Member

“Mum absolutely loves coming to the beacon club and has really missed chatting and giggling with her friends and it’s also great for me as I don’t worry about her at all on the days she attends which is a great relief and when I call her at night she is always in a good mood and is positive after her day at the club” – Carer of a Beacon Club Member