Space & Broomhouse Hub is a Scottish Award nominated Charity organisation working to improve the happiness, mood & mental wellbeing of our community members;  enhancing physical health, developing skills & job opportunities, whilst growing the confidence of the residents of our area and beyond in South West Edinburgh. We do this by nurturing, supporting and inspiring people of all ages, so that lives are fuller, potential is fulfilled and community connections flourish.

In 1991 – at time of depression and recession – community activism and a refusal to accept Broomhouse deserved anything less than other communities – inspired a local residents campaign to turn a row of six shops into one centre –  Broomhouse Centre.

30 years on, and still with local community groups and trustees at the core, Space at the Broomhouse Hub has a new state-of-the-art community building housing a community training café. We have grown and now deliver 17 projects, with 50+ staff and over 250 volunteers. We deliver diverse services supporting young people, families, older people and carers amongst others, engaging with local people more than 34,000 times last year.

Whilst holding the integrity of Space at our core, we are a values-led organisation that is:


– Nurturing relationships & kind experiences that enable people to smile, flourish & be resilient


– Passionate, non-judgmental & friendly people, developing an inclusive community


– Initiating and embracing challenges, innovation, opportunities and new ideas


– Ambitious, aspirational and determined to have a lasting impact


– Open, honest, holistic, professional and transparent – continually improving our effectiveness


Space are a founder member of the Go Beyond South West Edinburgh community anchor network and participate in numerous cross-service and cross-sector collaborations in Edinburgh.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people of all backgrounds to join our Board of Trustees.


Trustees help decide what services we deliver in the Broomhouse Hub. The board of trustees play an integral part in developing the strategic direction of the organisation, ensure its good governance and oversee the delivery of the organisation’s defined aims, values, mission and objectives.


The board meets every two months for meetings of around two hours. Trustees are also asked to “adopt” one of our services, represent it at board level and act as a link between board and the staff of that project.


We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and levels of experience whilst at this point we have particular interest in areas such as:

  • Social enterprise and food sector
  • Finance
  • Older people services including dementia care
  • Wellbeing and mental health provision
  • Facilities management
  • Local government
  • HR and Training
  • Community Wealth Building and development


This is an unpaid role however reasonable expenses associated with the role can be reimbursed.

Trustee Induction includes:

An induction meeting with the chair and if desired to be peer supported by an existing Trustee.

Benefits of becoming a Trustee:

  • The opportunity to enhance your existing skills and knowledge relating to the development of a key community anchor organisation.
  • The ability to enhance your network and broaden your experience of the third sector.
  • The knowledge that you are playing a vital role in the running and progression of Space; enabling the organisation to continue to make a difference to the residents of Broomhouse and beyond in South West Edinburgh.

Trustees fall into two categories:

Local               people living within the South West Edinburgh locality

Business         – people who have joined the board to offer specific skills and experience

We want to hear from you if you fall into the local category and can offer us your time and commitment as we continue our mission. ‘Local’ is defined as per the City of Edinburgh localities map here

To find out more about us and our projects, visit our website:

To apply submit a cover letter to

Please include in your cover letter a supporting statement evidencing:

  1. Any skills and experience you have that you feel would bring value to Space board of trustees
  2. please outline where you think your values complement and coincide with those of Space
  3. Which area of Edinburgh you live in