exterior of Space and broomhouse hub with church spire rising above the building

Central Services

Our Central Services Team are responsible for our administration and day to day work that isn’t directly driven by providing services. For example, managing our communications, HR, fund raising as well as keep The Broomhouse Hub clean and welcoming for our groups and visitors.

They are a small but dedicated and vital group who help keep the lights on and are a vital part of what we do.

The majority of the team are based within The Broomhouse Hub but combine this with home working.

The Central Service team also includes our finance function who are responsible for our day-to-day invoicing and accounts. You can download a copy of our accounts from OSCR the Official Scottish Charity Register using our charity number SC003706 or click here for a PDF version of our 2021/22 audited accounts.

If you would like to raise any questions with the Central Services team on any aspect of our work, please contact admin@spacescot.org

           Neil Hay

           Kathryn Reilly

           Martin Allen

           Hazel Bell

           Andy Hunter

           Jacky Figures

           Moreen Chebrot

           Rachel Scoon

           Pam Leake

           Jason Glen

           Grant Taylor