Giraffes Return from Their City-Wide Expedition

Two brightly coloured giraffe statues

Reunited at last! Our dear wee giraffes, Edi B and Gertie-Gigi are back home at the Broomhouse Hub now that their adventures in Giraffe About Town have come to an end.

Edinburgh Zoo, in partnership with creative producers Wild in Art, developed Giraffe About Town – a large-scale public art event that took place in Edinburgh across the Summer. Featuring more than 40 sculptures – each one as individual as the next – the giraffes formed a trail of discovery for people to help them explore and enjoy the city in a unique way. People were then able to ‘capture’ as many giraffes as possible using a special mobile app. Each sculpture was designed by local artists and communities, all with the purpose of celebrating the cultural diversity of Edinburgh.

Each giraffe was sponsored by a business, community group, or educational organisation. We would like to thank CityFibre for sponsoring our two giraffe sculptures, Edi B and Gertie-Gigi.

Gertie-Gigi, who was designed by the Training Academy Lunch Club, was created to showcase how clever and creative people with additional support needs are. The handprints on the statue represent their ownership over their art and show their appreciation for the opportunity to express themselves in such a wonderful way. Gertie-Gigi took up residence in the Sighthill Library, where they were captured on the Giraffe About Town app a total of 760 times!

Meanwhile, Edi B – who was designed by the Broomhouse Friday Club – allowed them the opportunity to have full creative control over a project in this collaborative design. Edi B represents the creativity that our young community members have and that Space hopes to nurture with community-led art projects in the future. Edi B was collected an incredible 838 times on the mobile app from their location at Balgreen Library.

A massive congratulations to everyone that took part in designing Edi B and Gertie-Gigi – you have created two incredible pieces of art that have brought so much joy to everyone that interacted with them as part of the Giraffe About Town event.

Both giraffes are now back safe and sound in the Broomhouse Hub reception area where everyone can pop by, say hello, and take a picture with them.