A Free Lunch for Every Child

Poster reads "Kids Go Free - Between 17th and 21st of October every child is entitled to a free lunch meal on-site at the Broomhouse community cafe. Available between 12pm and 1:30pm. One meal per child, no pre-booking necessary".

To help with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, our community café – Space Kitchen – is offering every child a free lunch during the upcoming Autumn Holidays. From the 17th to the 21st of October, all children will be eligible for one free sit-down meal during lunch time (12pm to 1:30pm) at The Broomhouse Hub.

The deepening cost-of-living crisis continues to present real challenges for both the people of South West Edinburgh and the country as a whole. There is a reason that The Broomhouse Hub exists; we are here because many in our community have support needs. Our members are facing unprecedented challenges and the doors at Space are open for the public whenever they need help.

Neil Hay, CEO at Space, explained “As the Third Sector, we can provide support services, deliver projects to benefit local communities and facilitate local initiatives for the benefit of others. As an organisation, Space is bracing ourselves for the impact upon us and our community.”

Over Summer, Space served 2,200 meals to hungry children via our community café. As the cost-of-living crisis, exacerbated by the energy price cap rise from October, really begins to bite, we feel that the choice between heating and eating will become even more stark. This is why we want to extend our existing offering.

Every child is entitled to a meal each day, and there are no requirements necessary to receive this service. No pre-booking is required, no voucher system in place, and no need to purchase any additional meals or drinks to qualify – simply pop in between the stated times and choose a meal available from the menu board that day.