Press Release: 22 July 2020

GoBeyond reveals plan to build a ‘Community Wealth Building’ locality by 2030.

The collaborative approach, based on well-being economics and a greener recovery, is currently leading the Covid-19 recovery in South West Edinburgh.


Covid-19 increased demand for local support services overnight. In the Gorgie/Sighthill ward of Edinburgh, key anchors and small organisations came together to increase their capacity to address local challenges and build a coordinated map of services.

Behind this collaborative approach is the GoBeyond network, facilitated by Big Hearts, Whale Arts and Space & Broomhouse Hub. GoBeyond aims to share expertise, organise resources and encourage mutual support between community organisations and groups in South West Edinburgh.

With an estimated poverty of 22% in the ward, including the highest rate of child poverty across the city (35% vs 22%) and a working age population higher than the national average (73% vs 63%), the GoBeyond network has initiated a pro-active approach for the long-term resilience and prosperity of South West Edinburgh communities.


The first people-led ‘Community Wealth Building’ locality

The GoBeyond network facilitators would like to start a conversation with the people who live and work in South West Edinburgh with the aim to adopt a people-led strategy to create a ‘Community Wealth Building Locality’, based on wellbeing economics and a greener recovery.

Community Wealth Building refers to a pioneering and inclusive people-centred approach based on economic, social and environmental justice for the wellbeing and benefit of the local community.

Preston (Lancashire), Wirral (Merseyside) and North Ayrshire are some of the UK local authorities currently leading similar strategies, with South West Edinburgh expected to be the first people-led locality of its kind in Scotland.


Leading the Covid-19 recovery this summer

In South West Edinburgh, the three facilitators behind GoBeyond have been recognised by the Scottish Government as Community Anchor Organisations with funding awarded to coordinate the local efforts in supporting communities throughout the pandemic.

As of 22 July, a total of £55,000 in crisis grants have already been distributed to 30 resident groups and grassroots projects helping vulnerable people from Gorgie and Dalry, to Broomhouse, Sighthill and Parkhead and up to Wester Hailes and Clovestone.

Bridie Ashrowan, Chief Executive at Space & the Broomhouse Hub comments: “GoBeyond was initially created to share ideas and resources for a pro-active response to local needs. The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated how our collaborative approach can benefit the whole community in times of need. It’s a first achievement as we move forward to building and implementing the first community wealth building locality in South West Edinburgh.”


Note to editors:

  1. GoBeyond: a 10-year plan for South West Edinburgh

GoBeyond is a network of trusted local voluntary sector partners with over 130 contributors working across local neighbourhoods in South West Edinburgh.

Their Community Wealth Building approach will take courage to build, going beyond the historic sole economic value, and shining light on the intrinsic value of people and assets that underpin a holistic approach to development in South West Edinburgh towards 2030.

As well as attracting new investments and green infrastructures into the local area, the new Community Wealth Building locality will open conversations with The City of Edinburgh Council, the Edinburgh Partnership and the Scottish Government on opportunities to ‘build back better’ and contribute to the growing community wealth and wellbeing economy strategies locally and internationally. To find out more, visit:


  1. Community Anchors & Small Grants

This summer, GoBeyond is delighted to deliver financial support to grassroots projects and small community-based groups in Gorgie/Dalry, Broomhouse and Wester Hailes via its Small Community Grants scheme, which is supported by the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund via The National Lottery Community Fund.

Over 30 local groups in South West Edinburgh are receiving funds including : St Augustine’s Rugby Club, the Wester Hailes Litter Picking Group, Friends of Saughton Park, St Bride’s Centre (courses for adults), Love Gorgie Farm (educational programme), B Healthy Together (wellbeing) and Dunedin Canmore Youth Projects.

These small grants will benefit the local population affected during the Covid-19 pandemic and are made available through Community Anchor Organisations selected by the Scottish Government: Big Hearts Community Trust, Space & Broomhouse Hub and the Whale Arts Agency.


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