The Snow Queen Brings a Flurry of Excitement to Christmas

Yesterday afternoon members and volunteers from The Beacon Club at Broomhouse and Gilmerton attended the Festival Theatre for a captivating performance of Scottish Ballet’s The Snow Queen. This has been part of a series of special events held for members in the run up to Christmas, including trips to the carvery for lunch and interactive dementia-friendly musical acts.

Prior to heading off from the Hub, the members enjoyed some time talking about how organised they were this year for Christmas, what plans they had for the weeks ahead, and reminiscing on shows that The Beacon Club had attended in the past.

“We went to see the Nutcracker for last year’s performance, and it was incredible. I’m looking forward to this one just as much.”

Once everyone was accounted for, the group set off towards the Festival Theatre for the performance and arrived just in time for the start of the show. The curtain rose, snowflakes floated gently down onto the stage, and the Snow Queen made her appearance. For the following two hours, everyone was treated to an outstanding showcase of ballet and accompanying music from the Scottish Ballet Orchestra.

A photograph of a ballet dancer dressed as The Snow Queen mid-pose. Photograph courtesy of the Scottish Ballet.

Once the show was over, everyone agreed on what a wonderful experience it was and how much they appreciated attending the theatre.

“Excellent, I loved all of the set pieces and the costumes. It was a great show.”

“It was lovely, I really enjoyed myself.”

“It was a great performance, I would definitely see it again. I also really appreciated the atmosphere of the theatre – people were able to move about freely, the lights were dimmed but you could still see around you. It felt more comfortable than when you would normally go to the theatre.”

A great afternoon out for everyone! Excellent work by Nancy Bryson, Adult Community Services Manager, all of the staff members from the Adult Community Services team, and The Beacon Club volunteers for their incredible effort in organising this event and making sure everyone had a great time.

A big thank you as well to Festival Theatre staff who went above and beyond in providing an inclusive, relaxing setting for those with additional support needs to enjoy the Scottish Ballet performance in the same way that everyone else does. From assisting people to their seats, to keeping everyone company, and making sure they were warm enough while they waited for their taxis to arrive at the end of the show.

The Beacon Club is an incredible service that provides a comforting, familiar space for people with dementia to enjoy games, activities, and lunch together as a group. If you love chatting with people who have a wicked sense of humour, endless entertaining stories to tell, and are a part of the caring, connected family that is The Beacon Club – consider becoming a volunteer. Get in touch with Nancy on 0131 455 7731 or by e-mail at to find out more.